Fortix 1.2


Recover the lands of your ancestors, like in the classic Qix.

Based on Qix, the classic game from the 1980s, here is Fortix, an arcade game created in a fantasy setting, but in which there are also included some strategy elements.

But let's go through it bit by bit. Firstly the start. This happens when the forces of evil set themselves up in what used to be the fertile lands of Fortiana. And now, the only one who can defeat the dragons, is you, the knight Fortix. The way of doing it is this: use the fences on the battlefield zone to collect your enemy together.

To achieve your aims in Fortix you can make use of power-ups and catapults, with which you can attack forts and later confront the dragons that live in them.

As you advance through the game, you will see that the story gets a little more complex, everything is more difficult, and your enemies are also bigger and more powerful. There are twenty levels in all. Can you recover the lands of your ancestors?


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